Erosion Control & Storm Channel Maintenance

Erosion from rain or broken water lines can cause great damage and even landslides. Cleared areas devoid of vegetation from brush management or fire are succeptible to erosion with even a minimal amount of rain. Propper erosion control methods should be taken before it is too late. Black Sage Environmental can perform erosion control before or after storms. We also conduct post burn fire erosion control, sediment retention, hydro diversion & turbulance reduction. We can also restore the habitat after erosion has happened. See Habitat Restoration above.

Brush Removal & Vegetation Management

Fire is a natural hazard of living in Southern California. Reduce your fire danger by creating defensible space or fire breaks around you property and managing the brush. The Fire Department can only save houses that have a fighting chance to survive. Give your house a chance!

Natural Resource Management

Habitat Restoration

Disturbed habitat can cause erosion issues or allow for invasive plants to take hold and cause more destruction. Black Sage Environmental will restore your disturbed land with native vegetation. We will determine the appropriate vegetation types depending on geographic location and install locally grown plants to restore the habitat back to nature. We can convert your disturbed land to pristine native habitat that can be sold or traded with land management agencies.

Black Sage Environmental, INC. is a licensed C-27 Contractor Lic# 992854 and Pest Control Business Lic# 39895 specializing in invasive weed removal, pesticide application, habitat restoration, erosion control, storm channel maintenance, trail maintenance and construction. We will remove and control your invasive weed problems utilizing chemical, manual or mechanical methods. Your erosion control issues will be fixed and the land restored back to pristine natural habitat utilizing locally grown native plants. If you need an existing trail maintained or a new rustic trail built by hand, look no further.

Invasive Plant Removal

Invasive plant species interact and negatively affect the overall ecology of native plant habitats. Their removal will help promote a more healthy and diverse ecosystem. Invasive plants affect the ecosystem by altering the soil chemistry, alter sedimentation rates causing flooding and can lead to a higher occurrence of wildfires because of the dry/dead vegetation they possess. They dominate the habitat by growing faster, shading out natives, reproducing quickly with a lot of seeds, using up limited resources like nutrients and water and create monocultures that alters the biodiversity of nature. They displace native species like the federally endangered Least Bell’s Vireo and the threatened California Gnatcatcher by destroying the last remaining bits of habitat that these animals depend on for survival. Black Sage Environmental can handle small and large invasive plant removal and maintenance jobs. State Certified Qualified Applicator with years of experience.


Trail Construction and Maintenance

We also restore, maintain and create hand forged trails.  Restoring old and eroded trails helps preserve the exposed sediment and creates smaller gradient runoff protecting drainage features as well.   Trail maintenance can be scheduled to protect your trail system from erosion and drainage issues. Rustic hand forged trails can be created to follow the contours of your property.  Unlike other trails that are mechanically created, we use old and proven techniques that create a smaller and durable trail that lasts and does not create erosion issues.