Environmental Protection is the most cost effective way for Land Managers to use our ability to navigate minor and major issues in a Park, Open Space or Utilities setting and at the same time asserting physical presence and deterrence on your behalf. We are able to document issues spatially and are qualified to physically address issues such as potential fire threats, rogue trails (trespass), graffiti, illegal off road and firearms use, illegal encampments, and hazardous encroachment issues. All Land and Utilities Managers respond to issues such as these regardless of socioeconomic or geographic boundaries. All issues lead to the loss of your valuable time dealing with these repetitive occurrences. Allowing us to pro-actively respond to these unique issues allows you the greatest return on your land, “sustained preservation”. All staff is equipped with Bureau of Security and Investigative Services arrest and control certifications to include to use of firearms, non-lethal defensive equipment, Basic Life support (EMT/WFR) certification and equipment including AED’s (automated external defibrillator), all-terrain vehicles, power tools and equipment, spatial data gathering tools, and portable class A foam fire extinguishers. This is the ability for you the Land Manager to prevent unwanted activity by using this unique skill set know only and used exclusively by large public land management agencies. 

Environmental Protection

B.S.E. Security CA PPO #17542

Black Sage Environmental Inc. B.S.E. Environmental Protection services are available to Public Agencies and Land Management entities. We are able to serve you with the highest level of physical presence you require to supplement your organizations ideologies and strategies. We have found over the years that the ability to sustain a contiguous level of presence at a Park, Natural Open Space or Utility area is paramount in the protection of our natural resources. Our ability to spatially command and communicate sets us apart from any other Security firm. We use tried and tested land management tools to gain a higher level of performance and efficiency.  Parks and Natural Open Space areas should be safe and enjoyable to you and your patrons. We provide the unique ability to protect people from the park and the park from the people. This we believe!